100% free guidance on Facebook marketing strategies The Fundamentals

100% free guidance on Facebook marketing strategies: The Fundamentals

What you are seeking is Seeking you” – Unfortunately Rumi wasn’t talking about Facebook here, but we couldn’t agree more.

After the google revolution, the social media platform has been around in all different forms to where we are now. The age of #hashtags. Even in 2020, the relevance of a medium like Facebook is cannot be ignored.

According to a study done by statistica.com, Facebook users have grown exponentially over the past few years reaching a point where it is more half of internet in the world.  For better or for worse, Facebook is going to be around for some time, so we better be prepared to make the most of it.

Facebook is as most of you are familiar with is a social media platform. We all been there, the first post, the few hundred likes, the friend requests. Most of our familiarities end in the social aspect of the medium. Without further ado let’s get into the business aspect of it where the gold mine of SME’s and corporates is in.

The Fundamentals:

Facebook Page:

  • Go to  facebook.com/pages/create. Assuming you already have a facebook profile, which is mandatory to pursue this step.
  • Choose your page type: Business/brand or Community/public figure
  • Enter your business details.
  • Upload your best profile photos and banner.
  •  Complete your Page info
  • Description: 255 characters to describe what you are to your audience.
  • Contact information: It is really important to provide accurate and clear details
  • Extra options: If it’s relevant to your business, add your operating hours, price range, and privacy policy.


  • Create your Facebook username: Select a SEO friendly username which people can easily find, most probably your brand name. Or you could use the username you use in all other social networks to have consistency.
  • Add a call-to-action button – A call-to-action button gives people a quick and easy way to reach out to you, shop for your products, or otherwise engage with your business. Click Add a Button under your cover photo to set one up.
  • Review your Facebook Page settings – Your Facebook Page settings give you custom control over who sees what on your page. Take a look to make sure you understand the privacy and security settings in particular.

You are have made it! You page is now live for millions of users all across the globe.