Submite reinstatement request

How to Recover Google GMB listing Suspended | 9 Step to follow

Submite reinstatement request

When your GMB listing is no longer available on Google and Google Maps, or you’ve lost control of it which means you’ve been suspended. When your listing is suspended, Google does not provide you with the reason for the suspension. But you will receive a suspension email  and it will mension your listing name and address Check the below image 

Your Business Profile has been suspended- email from google

your Business Profile on Google has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity.

A hard suspension is a type of Google penalty that takes away your entire listing from the search engine. Learn how to recover 

Step 1 : Please review the guidelines for representing your business on Google

Guidelines for using Google to represent your company

The Most Common Reasons for a Suspended GMB Listing
It’s all about making sure you show up for local searches that contain map listings when it comes to local SEO. Your GMB listing must be completely factual and trustworthy in order for this to happen. The majority of the reasons for listings being suspended have to do with this local consistency. The following are the most prevalent grounds for a listing’s suspension:


Another company uses your address or has the same address as you.

• Your website’s address differs from the one listed in your business listings.

• Your directory listings, such as Yelp, do not match your GMB page’s address, name, or phone number.

• Any element of your address, main categories, company name, or website

• You’re a service-area firm that didn’t delete your physical address

• Your address is virtual or a P.O. box

• Your business doesn’t make in-person contact with clients (like an online shop)

• Your principal category is a high-risk industry with a greater level of scrutiny:

• The URL of your specified website is a forwarding URL.

• For the same business or area, there are several listings.

• There are several companies claiming to be located at your address.


Step 2: If you’re sure that your profile is compliant, submit it for reinstatement Request

Request for restoration of a local business on Google My Business

Question No 1 : Have you already requested that this Business Profile/account be reinstated?


Have you already requested that this Business Profile/account be reinstated?

Questions 2: Are you the company’s, organization’s, or account’s official representative?

Are you the official representative of the company

Questions 3: Have you reviewed the Google My Business quality requirements and can you verify that your Business Profile complies with them?

Have you reviewed the Google My Business quality requirements and can you verify that your Business Profile complies with them?

Questions 4: Is your organisation permanently located at the address, or does it permanently service the area stated on your profile?

Is your company's permanent address the same as the one listed on your profile, or does it serve the same area all of the time?

Question 5: Have you given your business(es) a correct street address or service area? P.O. boxes and mail-receiving agencies are not accepted addresses.

Gmb address entry

Question 6:Is your company located in a service area? In other words, does your business strategy necessitate travel to the customer’s location by you or an authorized representative of the company?

Do you do any face-to-face business at your place of business?

face-to-face business

Question 7: Do you have more than one profile for the same place?

Once you’ve thoroughly examined all of the questions and answers, click on

Please use this page to

Submit a reinstatement request  

FAQ Related to GMB suspension

You can book appointment from google using this link below : 

Each appointment google is charging 39.99$ .

When someone searches for a relevant search for your business, including your business, a GMB suspension means that your Google My Business location listing would n’t appear alongside your competitors’ listings. This would result in a decrease in leads and website hits, as well as the possibility of your reviews being permanently removed.

There are a few terms you should be familiar with when it comes to GMB suspensions:

  • Soft suspensions
  • Hard suspensions
  • Listing suspensions
  • Account suspensions

Soft Suspension: In a soft suspension, your company has essentially become untrustworthy. You can access your Google My Business listing and see a “suspended” label, but your listing still appears on Google and Google Maps. They’ve taken away your ability to manage the listing, but the listing itself is still there.

Hard Suspension: You’ve gotten yourself into a lot of difficulty. Your entire listing has been taken from Google in a hard suspension. It will indicate “deleted” when you pull up the record for it. Your only alternative is to request that Google restore it.